The 2030 agenda, the European Green Deal, the Biodiversity and “From Meadow to Plate” strategies are part of a Europe that wants to be more sustainable and green.

The “Crossroads of Flavours” project, which aims to safeguard, protect and transmit the gastronomic heritage of Santa Maria da Feira, wishes to contribute to more sustainable business models and consumption habits, based on a circular economy, which favours the reduction of food waste and environmental sustainability.

Thus, we wish to balance the millenary gastronomic tradition, with the adequacy of culinary confections, to the nutritional value of foods; give preference to the consumption of food from local and seasonal production and processing on a biological and sustainable basis (fruits, vegetables, dairy products, beverages, among others).

Highlight the awareness-raising initiatives for healthy eating and the food transition, which emphasize the importance of reducing protein consumption and increasing the intake of vegetables, fruits and grains.

The Municipality also develops participatory actions with the local community to promote biodiversity.