Crossroads of Flavours

The Crossroads of Flavours brand illustrates and summarizes the global strategy of the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira regarding conservation, enhancement and promotion of the gastronomic heritage of the territory, based on the richness and diversity of endogenous and seasonal products from a vast region, where ancestral knowledge and flavours intertwine that the Municipality intends to enhance and reinvent, through the art and creativity of chefs and the community.

Santa Maria da Feira is a frontier land, privileged by its geography, which allows enjoying, in the north, the Douro wines and fish farming; to the south, algae, salt, fish, cockles and crab from the Aveiro Lagoon; to the west, the quality and diversity of Atlantic fish; and to the east, the native arouquesa meat of excellent quality.

This diversity of products, of recognized and proved quality, and the proximity to their source, favour the development of a distinctive, rich and identity gastronomic offer, whose gastronomic creations reveal a clear influence of the region, intertwining tradition and innovation.

The compass rose plays a central role in the graphic solution developed to illustrate this concept of the Crossroads of Flavours, where four iconic elements of the region refer to the natural and gastronomic heritage associated with the cardinal points: the rabelo boat (north), the sea (west), the mountains (east) and the salt (south).

The secular Fogaça da Feira, ex-libris of our gastronomy, is highlighted in red, as is the heart that draws the map of Santa Maria da Feira, strategically marked in the centre of this Crossroad, symbolizing the centre and the pulse of this whole dynamic – economic, social and cultural – around gastronomy as an artistic and creative expression, respecting the essence of each regional product.

The entire short- and long-term promotion strategy associated with the Crossroads of Flavours brand aims to enhance the authenticity of Santa Maria da Feira as a gastronomic destination of excellence.